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Studio magazine is a leading art publication with a focus on contemporary artists of African descent. In its second decade, Studio continues to celebrate artists and inform audiences through thought-provoking essays, insightful conversations,
and more.

I Don’t Do Pickle Juice

Studio Check-In was born out of a desire to tell the stories of the people who work behind the scenes at different arts and cultural institutions.

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Looking Under Language: Memory, Creole, Poem, and Myth with Ivan Forde

In February 2020, Jennifer Harley, School & Community Partnerships Coordinator, visited artist and 2008, Expanding the Walls alumni Ivan Forde in his East Harlem studio.

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Studio Visit: Tschabalala Self

For Tschabalala Self, The Studio Museum in Harlem’s Artist-in-Residence program is a homecoming.

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Studio Visit: Sable Elyse Smith

Artist in Residence Sable Elyse Smith reflects on her conceptual practice and the continuous themes she wrestles with in her current and upcoming shows.

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Texas Isaiah on (Intimate) Community

The poignancy of Texas Isaiah’s work lies in his ability to reimagine the healing potential of photography for Black people, particularly Black trans, gender expansive, and nonbinary folks.

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Widline Cadet: Preserving (Imagined) Worlds

Widline Cadet’s photographs entangle the past with the present as she uses the medium to communicate the often intangible feeling of being an immigrant. 

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Jacolby Satterwhite Harmonizes (with the) Material

When one is immersed in Jacolby Satterwhite’s films and installations, a dissolution occurs.

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Genesis Jerez: (Family) Record of Imagination

In Genesis Jerez’s mixed-media paintings, there is an ongoing mediation between formalist concerns and the demands of deeply personal subject matter.

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Introducing the 2021–22 Artists in Residence

The Studio Museum in Harlem is thrilled to announce Cameron GrangerJacob Mason-Macklin, and Qualeasha Wood as the newest members of th

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Make Art with Us!

The Studio Museum in Harlem invites you to celebrate Black lives and culture on this special holiday through creativity, inspired by an artwork from our permanent collection!

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Read, Learn, and Celebrate Juneteenth

These texts, for both adults and children, provide information on the legacy and history of Juneteenth.

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As The Studio Museum in Harlem celebrates Juneteenth, we invite our audiences to consider resources that can provide further information around the legacy of this holiday, the many ways it is celebrated, and how it continues to be a cornerstone of Black culture and celebration in the United States. 

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A Shout, a Call, an Echo — Capturing the Echo: Expanding the Walls 2022

The sixteen artists featured in the exhibition Capturing the Echo: Expanding the Walls 2022 author their own account

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