Harlem Tour

Harlem Tour is part of a regular column in Studio magazine by the 2018 participants of Expanding the Walls—an eight-month photography-based program at The Studio Museum in Harlem.

Historian John Reddick with Expanding the Walls participants
Photo: Yeremi

Participants from Expanding the Walls recently took a tour around Harlem with architectural historian John Reddick. He showed us the architectural landscape of Harlem and pointed out that different buildings had remained the same for many years. We discussed how each building had different meanings to the people of Harlem.

Expanding the Walls participants saw certain buildings alongside old pictures of the buildings that John had presented earlier—we saw the changes to their exteriors that happened over a period of time and how different buildings came to look the way they do today. I felt like it was a good experience because we got to learn about the history in our community and the outcomes people experienced.

My name is Yeremi and my family is from the Dominican Republic. I was born and raised in the Bronx, New York. I am inspired by my older brother. My favorite artist is J. Cole because his music and style inspires me. My favorite medium of art is painting and favorite hobbies are ice skating, playing basketball, and baseball.
—Yeremi, Expanding the Walls 2018