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The leading magazine about artists of African descent locally, nationally and internationally. Studio is published twice a year by The Studio Museum in Harlem.


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Picturing Their Own Harlem

In July, The Studio Museum in Harlem opened the summer season with Their Own Harlems. The title of the exhibition comes from an interview Jacob Lawrence (1917–2000) conducted with the Archives...

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Collection Visit: Marilyn Nance

Marilyn Nance was born in Brooklyn in 1953. She received her BFA in communications/graphic design from the Pratt Institute, an MFA in photography from the Maryland Institute College of Art, and...

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From the Archive c. 1970

The 1970s was a decade rife with sociopolitical struggle and awareness, growth and change on both national and international scales. For the majority of the 70s, The Studio Museum in Harlem was...

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An Afternoon with Betty Grayson

Hands On workshops offer an opportunity for children, adults, and families to investigate how and why art is made. Art can at times feel inaccessible. Through this offering of inspirational materials...

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20/20 at the Carnegie Museum of Art

This summer, in a unique institutional collaboration, the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh and The Studio Museum in Harlem opened 20/20, a group exhibition with works by forty artists, twenty...

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Studio Visit: Autumn Knight

Autumn Knight’s love of performance began as a child involved in theatre, although she admits that she never loved reading plays. It wasn’t until she discovered artist Adrian Piper and...

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Smokehouse, 1968–1970

Smokehouse, 1968–1970 features archival photographs documenting the work of the Smokehouse Associates, a group of artists who developed community-oriented public art projects in Harlem aimed at...

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The Journey Continues

How Derrick Adams’s collages pick up where Patrick Kelly left off ...

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Studio Visit: Cy Gavin

Cy Gavin is a thirty-two-year-old visual artist born and raised in western Pennsylvania, whose work often explores themes of the African diaspora and his family’s heritage on the islands of...

Studio Jr.

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Expanding the Walls: My Story

It was a beautiful sunny January day in 2011. I pulled open the front door of The Studio Museum in Harlem for my first day as an Expanding the Walls: Making Connections Between Photography, History,...

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A New Take on an Old Tradition

During the final weeks of Expanding the Walls 2017—an eight-month photography-based program at The Studio Museum in Harlem—participants had the opportunity to work with artist Miguel...


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In Memoriam: Barkley L. Hendricks

Barkley L. Hendricks (1945–2017) was one of the great American artists of the past fifty years, with a style and vision unlike any other.

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Building Dispatch 9 Questions for David Adjaye

As The Studio Museum in Harlem moves forward with plans to build a new, state-of-the-art, custom facility—designed by Adjaye Associates with executive architects Cooper Robertson—Sir...

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Global Council Goes to Europe

This past July, The Studio Museum in Harlem’s Global Council traveled to both London and Venice for a whirlwind tour of museums, private collections, galleries and artists’ studios.

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Member Spotlight: Jessica Traynor

In each biannual issue of Studio magazine we feature an interview with a Studio Museum Member to explore why they contribute to the Museum and what inspires them to be a Member. I sat down with...

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Gala 2017

The Studio Museum in Harlem held its annual gala on Monday, October 30, with a festive evening of dinner, dancing and celebration.

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